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Dave Meggett -- An Underrated New York Giants Great

Greg Gerkens

A master of science graduate of Long Island University with a concentration in literacy education, Greg Gerkens has upwards of ten years of experience as a New York educator. In his leisure time, Greg Gerkens enjoys cheering on New York professional sports teams and is a longtime Giants fan.

Names such as Phil Simms, Lawrence Taylor, and Michael Strahan quickly come to mind when surveying some of the greatest players who have ever played for the New York Giants. There are other players, however, who have made significant contributions to the team who sometimes get overlooked in these discussions. One of these players was Dave Meggett, who played a vital role on the Giants 1991 Super Bowl victory over the Buffalo Bills.

Long before the “third-down back” was a staple in modern NFL offenses, Meggett played the role in the Giants passing attack. His elusiveness and speed was a problem for the Bills defense and enabled the Giants to convert on several key third downs throughout the game. Meggett also led the league in 1990 in punt return yards, showing his all-around value to the team. All told, he spent five years with the Giants and was one of the major contributors to its Super Bowl win during his tenure.

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