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The Autism Speaks Walk

Greg Gerkens

An educator with more than a decade of experience, Greg Gerkens most recently served as assistant principal of Eastern Suffolk BOCES, a high school that serves students with behavior management needs. Outside of his professional life, Greg Gerkens contributes to Autism Speaks.

Founded in 2005, Autism Speaks works to improve the lives of those with autism spectrum disorder through advocacy and research. To accomplish its mission, the organization hosts the Autism Speaks Walk, an annual fundraising event that takes place at various locations throughout the United States. The Autism Speaks Walk brings in donations that advance autism research and build connections to resources and services for those with autism.

Participants begin by registering as part of a team or as individuals. After setting a fundraising goal, participants can create their own personal web page called My HQ, from which they can send emails to solicit support and track their progress toward their fundraising goal. 

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